What we do

The Norah Anena Foundation seeks to propel Northern Ugandan children and young adults by providing the tools to economic independence through education and skill-based training. The NAF views education and skill-based instruction and training as the key to the future success of Northern Ugandans. But the NAF also believes that restoring the cultural fabric of Northern Ugandan society will help make Northern Uganda whole again.


Sponsorship & Scholarships

The NAF provides scholarships and financial sponsorship based to children and young adults from the Northern Region of Uganda. NAF provides tuition based assistance only; requirements (including transportation, fees for books, uniforms etcetera) are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Scholarships are provided based on need and merit and are considered on an individual basis. Scholarships are provided to students ranging from Primary 1 through diploma and certificate level.


The NAF assists students pursuing a diploma, certificate or vocational/technical studies in obtaining internships that will allow them to gain real world experience in the work place or particular vocation.

Cultural Projects

The NAF supports cultural restoration projects aimed at exchanging valuable cultural information between young and old and restoring pride in Northern Ugandan culture, much of which was lost due to the 25 year Kony-led campaign of violence.

Elder Listening Project

NAF students are paired with elders in the community where they interview their elder about his or her life and upbringing.

Students are encouraged to talk with their elder about various cultural traditions including traditional songs, dances, marital and death customs, proverbs, stories and other cultural traditions passed down.

These interviews will then be archived and shared.