To apply, download and complete the application in the link below;

Program application (view/download)


Program Requirements
Students who seek to gain admittance and remain in the NAF program must:

  • Maintain academic excellence
  • Uphold NAF values
  • Successfully complete yearly volunteer corps requirements

Students who are not promoted to the next grade or otherwise fulfill other program requirements may not be re-invited back to the program for the following year.  Students who are having academic difficulty however will be afforded access to tutoring and other assistance.

NAF Values
In addition to maintaining academic success, students are required to uphold the following values:

  • Adhere to the NAF honor code
  • Treat fellow students, teachers, staff, guardians and NAF staff with kindness and respect,
  • Refrain from disrespectful, illegal and immoral behavior, including stealing, abusing, fighting, violence, disobedience or absconding,
  • Putting forth maximum effort in all endeavors

To review the NAF honor code, please click here.

Volunteer Corps
Each year, every student in the NAF program must complete a certain number of hours of volunteering in order to remain in the program.
Volunteer hours vary depending on the age and grade level of the student and a portion of the hours must be completed each term during the school year. Students may be required to create their own volunteer project, donate time at their school, or serve as student advisers for one year.

Yearly re-evaluation
Students will be re-evaluated on a yearly basis to determine whether he or she will remain under NAF care based on the student’s academic/internship performance, fulfillment of program requirements and other factors.

Applications and Selection process
Applying to NAF involves two steps:

1) Completing an application and;

2) Successfully completing an in-person interview

NAF accepts applications for assistance on a rolling basis. Applications are carefully considered on an individual basis, and we review several factors in determining whether a student is a good fit for the NAF. Factors include:

  • Financial need
  • Family background and support
  • Academic history & performance
  • Character and behavior
  • Work ethic
  • Other relevant factors

Applicants that are selected for the second round will be contacted to schedule an interview with a NAF team member. Applicants will be notified following interviews of any decision made thereafter.

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