Get involved

There are many ways to give back or get involved with NAF:

  • Donate: A donation of any amount will go a long way towards assisting the students supported by NAF. Whether it’s sponsorship for a student’s education, supporting a student with requirements for his internship or supporting one of our cultural restoration projects, your donation will help us towards our goal of making a real difference in Northern Uganda.
  • Volunteer: NAF can always use volunteers in Uganda and the United States for its various projects. Whether you would like to work with an elder on the elder listening project, organize events and talks on your college campus, there is so much to do and we need your help!
  • Share our story: Just by telling others about our story you can make a difference. Follow us on twitter at @AnenaFoundation or like us on facebook and like or share our posts! Not big on social media? Contact us on how you can arrange a potluck or informal get together where you can share the NAF story.
  • Become a pen pal or mentor: In today’s global village it’s easier than ever to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. If you would like to mentor a new graduate looking for an internship or a young student, contact us today!


NAF is always looking for wonderful candidates. To apply for an open position, please complete our employment/volunteer application below: