Children learning in Pader District, Northern Uganda
Children learning in Pader District, Northern Uganda

Mission & Vision


The mission of NAF is to provide access to educational, employment and skill building opportunities to underprivileged students of Northern Ugandan descent and to celebrate, restore & promote Northern Ugandan culture.

NAF was established in 2015 inspired by the continuing need to uplift the Northern Ugandan community in the United States and beyond through the promotion of Northern Ugandan culture and educational initiatives.

This need arose due to the 25 year old campaign of terror and violence led by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army that saw the mass killing, displacement and kidnapping of tens of thousands of Kony’s fellow Luo speaking peoples in Northern Uganda.
This campaign of violence lasting more than a quarter of a century and disrupted the fabric of society and culture in Northern Uganda. Today Northern Uganda has enjoyed peace for more than a decade, but the legacy of the LRA’s destruction continues to impact people.


NAF’s vision for the people of Northern Uganda is to have access to quality education, viable livelihood/employment opportunities and to be deeply engaged in the promotion of their cultural heritage and traditions.

Our hope is for Northern Ugandans to better navigate the changing global economic landscape, be active contributors and builders of society, all while restoring cultural pride within their communities.

Why NAF?
Since the onset of violence in Northern Uganda in the 1980’s, the region has been flooded with various charities, non-governmental organizations and other entities seeking to assist the region.

Despite the efforts of these foreign organizations over the years, the people of Northern Uganda have yet to reap the full impact of these efforts.
Instead, too many Northern Ugandans remain economically-dependent, disillusioned by NGOs and ironically still underserved.

The NAF has a completely different approach because it believes in engaging Northern Ugandans in their own rebuilding.  The NAF was founded by and is run by Northern Ugandans, making it intimately familiar with the needs of the people and the region.
NAF believes the way forward in Northern Uganda is through its people and seeks to inspire Northern Uganda to return to greatness by tapping into its own human and cultural power.

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