Founder & Board of Directors

Norah Anena-Founder & Board Chair

Ms. Anena is a philanthropist and nurse dedicated to serving those in need. A native of Gulu, Uganda, Ms. Anena arrived in the United States with her family as a refugee after fleeing the Idi Amin regime. Despite setting down in a career in nursing and raising a family of her own, Ms. Anena never forgot those she left behind and remained concerned about the need affecting Northern Uganda. Throughout her life, Ms. Anena has always devoted her time and money to supporting dozens of students of all ages in Uganda and beyond through school. Since 1995, Ms. Anena has supported relatives and non-relatives alike through their high school diplomas, post graduate certificates and university. A strong believer in education, Ms. Anena has always believed that the way forward in Northern Uganda begins with obtaining an education.


Beatrice Aloyo-Board Member

Mrs. Beatrice Aloyo currently serves as a Local Councilor (LC5) for Laroo/ Bardege Division with the Gulu District Local Government. Beatrice has previous experience as an administrator through her work with the Women and children Centre for Hope-Gulu. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration and Management from Gulu University.







Alfred Oryem-Board Member

Mr. Alfred Oryem is the CEO of Uptown Solutions (U) Ltd, and the finance controller & head of human resources of Gulu Luxury Coach Bus Co. Ltd.  He has worked for a variety of non-governmental & media organizations including the African Centre for Media Excellence, Gulu FM, World Vision, Justice & Peace Commission, Justice & Reconciliation Project and Suc International. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Gulu University.





Robin Okello-Board Member

Mr. Robin Okello currently serves as the Executive Director of Agriculture and Farmers Alliance Organization based in Nwoya District. Robin has previously worked for Gulu Municipal Council, Laroo Division and is a graduate of Uganda College of Commerce Pakwach, where he earned a diploma in Business studies with a focus on accounting.







Vicky Lamony-Board Member

Mrs. Vicky Lamony is a Nursery (Kindergarten II) teacher at UNIFAT Nursery and Primary school  in Gulu.  She holds a certificate in nursery teaching (early childhood development), and in guidance and counseling from the Makerere University Institute of Adult and Continuing Students. Well versed in early childhood education, she has attended several trainings organized within Gulu District on early childhood development.







Robert Opira-Board Member

Mr. Robert Opira is a a senior technical advisor with the RTI International/USAID Uganda Governance, Accountability, Participation and Performance (GAPP) program. Robert has worked with local government as well as several international NGOs, developing strong skills in budget and grants management, and procurement management.  He holds a Master degree in Economic Policy Management from Makerere University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management from Gulu University and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Accounting Option from Gulu University.